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Get your own Investor fund

MANCALA is on the money in today’s world of internet, globalisation, IT and access to money on your terms is no different, old ways of going to the bank to get your funds have seriously diminished and is very stressful experience and hence Mancala has developed a multi-faceted process to streamline your project funding process with a team of licensed professionals who will guide and take you through all the issues as the day of the self funder- entrepreneur is here, and if you have a good project and you need money then we can help you create your own Private Fund Offer with your own terms and conditions to the World’s Thousands of investors who will invest directly into your professionally run and licensed fund

Starting with your business plan and with MANCALA’s 30 years of project funding experience since 1990 around the world in multi-cultured jurisdictions with many different languages, legal and accounting systems.

We will, with our top Legal Firm Partners in Gibraltar produce a Prospectus Offering document that will reflect your DNA of what you wish to achieve with the project and more  importantly the legal firms that we use are followed by Mancala’s other marketing partners, the Global Investor Databases who will bring their thousands 

of potential investors and their funds to your project. MANCALA will also arrange for your Fund licensing with the Gibraltar authorities to operate as the specific type

mancala can arrange this for you

 MANCALA will recruit all the licensed officers needed to administer and manage your fund all of which are licensed lawyers or accountants, and you may engage with MANCALA in the selection process if you wish

Your Business Idea

And our one stop Legal, Licensing Marketing and Funding Service

1.Bring MANCALA your business plan or if you don’t have one we can do that for you too

2. We will from the business plan together with our Legal experts create your Legal Prospectus which allows the project to be offered to the world investor market on your terms and conditions for your funding.

3. We will install a professional licensed team to manage and administer your Fund on your behalf of you as the owner 

1.   Map through the Minefield – Mancala knows all the many steps that need to be taken from initiation of the project to obtaining funding   

2.    Power of being your own Bank – with your own fund you are in charge of your project and the funding and not exposed to the whims of funds from a third party lenders

3.    One Contact Point - Mancala handles everything for you from start to finish and liaises with you every step of the way

4.    Our Expert Team Mancala has tested and approved the total team for the 5 main elements of the process

5.    Set up the Corporate Structure – Mancala employ one of the world’s foremost Incorporation companies SFM to incorporate your company to run your fund with the most Tax advantageous for your project

6.    Organise Banking for your Fund - Mancala will organise suitable banking in a jurisdiction that suits the project with full internet banking and untraceable Visa or MasterCard Debit Card operations with large daily limits. 

7.    Truly Global Operation – Mancala has connections across the planet for all aspects of project funding 7.    

especially for thousands of investors and we have a multi-lingual staff who can handle many languages.

8.    Size Matters - Mancala is compact, versatile and flexible in its operations but uses the large institutional professionals to do the job as of course is required by law, the combination ensures a perfect result

9.    Quality Assurance – under certification and licensing by the Gibraltar, EU and UK authorities. 

10.  Reliability – Mancala has been around  for Thirty years in the global Funding business, with the same key features in 2020 as in 1990 with personal management at all times 24/7 and no robots.

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