Finance your project with your own eif fund 

CREATEd, licensed and professionally managed for you

‘2016 Year of the Monkey’

Mancala  Funds

Based and Regulated in



MancalaGroup  Gibraltar

Funds for all types of Projects WorldWide

LowTax Jurisdiction

Global Investor Reach

Based on British Law

Mancala provides a one stop package for all the elements to create a fund, take care of the Fiscal, Corporate and Licensing elements, arrange your fund managers and market your fund to the global investors

Business Conscious

Profit  Driven

Legally Correct

Charity Minded

Tailor-made Funds created for Clients Worldwide to Fund their projects and Mancala donates to approved Charities a Contribution from every successful transaction


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Mancala GROUP - Business Successful - Commercially, Financially & Politically aware -

Lifestyle Targeted - Family Orientated - Charity Minded

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